We Need Angels . . . . .

June 20, 2018

The Bad News. . . . 

Based on my sources, Senator Brownsberger and Senator Creem have successfully killed and buried any chance for a Legislative Correction to the gross mis-interpretation  of the Alimony Reform Act of 2011.

     These two high ranking legislators believe that a payor of alimony need not have the right to retire.  

     They believe that a receiver of alimony should be able to live in a marriage like situation with another and still receive alimony.  

     They believe that the same Judicial Discretion that caused the need for Alimony Reform is the answer.

     They care more about a receiving spouse who feels entitled than a paying spouse having the right to retire.

Both continue to be re-elected waving the flag of entitlement. 

Unfortunately, The Angels who supported our efforts have moved on. 

In short, the Mass. Legislature has no issue in re-visiting Alimony Reform at the present time._______________


 We are all alive.  As long as we are alive, we have the ability to fix this.


An Angel is a Legislator who recognizes the need to restore the Alimony Reform Act to it's original Intent.

An Angel is a Legislator who is willing to Work Hard to restore the Alimony Reform Act to it's original Intent.

Your Job is to find us Angels!

We go back to the basics.  

     1.  Find out who your Senator and State Rep. is.

Click here to Find Your Legislator

     2.  It is Summer and all of them are having fund raiser events.

     3.  Call their office and ask where and when their event is.

     4.  Go to the event and tell them your Horror Story.

     5.  Ask if they would be willing to Sponsor or Co-Sponsor   H740 in the Next Legislative Session.

     6.   Send me their response so that I can track who is a Team Player, Play Maker, or in Opposition.



REMEMBER. . . . . 

  •  The issues have been researched by a Alimony Reform Task Force appointed by the chairs of the Joint Committee on the Judiciary.
  • The problems  brought to light by your "Horror Stories"with the pre-ARA of 2011 law were fixed by the ARA of 2011.  
  • The SJC got it WRONG.  H 740 Fixes that wrong.
  • H 740 was DRAFTED by the Members of the Alimony Reform Task Force which includes Representatives from the Mass Barr, the Boston Bar, the Womens Bar,  The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, The Chief Justice and Myself.
  • According to a highly regarded D.C.
  • Constitutional  Attorney, H 740  WAS CONSTITUTIONAL.

If you let up you lose, and we are not losing because we will  NEVER let up!



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Stephen K. Hitner, 

President, Mass Alimony Reform


Divorce Coach, Consultant, and Mediator

Member, 2011 Alimony Reform Task Force

Member RCFM