Mass Judiciary Committee of the Legislature is Suffering from Constipation

June 22, 2017 Newsletter by Steve Hitner; Download June 22 Newsletter

Now, I know we fed them the proper diet of information.  

We gave to them many doses of our Horror Stories  at the Commonwealth Conversations meetings, and provided them with plenty of reading material to allow them to get things moving.

The chairman of the Joint Committee, Senator Will Brownsberger seems to be ignoring the urge to push things along claiming that  he is afraid of causing pain.   While there are some recipients of Spousal Support that may experience some discomfort with the Passage of H 740, it is a question of NEED vs. GREED.  At least one of the complaints at the Judiciary Hearing was mostly HOT AIR as she is worth well over a million dollars.  As I have repeated many time, a recipient spouse with solid evidence of need is protected by Judicial Discretion in the form of Deviation Factors.

Currently Senator Brownsberger says that the Judiciary is working on other issues and will not be dealing with the Alimony Reform issue until next February, 2018.  While I do respect the Senator as an honorable person, I do not feel very comfortable that after all of our efforts he is not sympathetic to the plight of the Alimony Payer.   

So, what do we do to get things moving along? (Read Newsletter)